Custom Roll Forming and Metal Fabrication since 1979.
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The jamé Commitment

president Larry Martin

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier supplier of value-added, engineered and customer-focused solutions that leverage our material-forming expertise. The keys to our success are the engagement of our dynamic and adaptive employees, along with our entrepreneurial culture. Our goals are supported by an extensive performance-based management process and commitment to operational excellence. 


Larry Martin

Laurance C. Martin

Commitment to Excellence

These basic principles are fundamental to our success:

People are our most important resource:

Employee development, involvement and teamwork provide our strength and vitality. We strive to create a culture that stresses respect, openness and entrepreneurship which provides opportunity for personal growth. 

Safety is a prime objective:

We have a responsibility to put forward our best efforts to preserve and protect our team at all times. 

Quality is our highest priority:

We strive to make our products and services the very best attainable. We understand we are evaluated by the quality of our products and services.

Continuous improvement is our way of life:

We continuously focus on improving efficiency and the prevention of errors.

Integrity is never compromised:

Our conduct must command respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to our customers. We believe that ethical behavior is the foundation of a good business and we do the right things at all times.

Meet the Sales Team

What jamé's Customers are Saying

Our former supplier could never meet a deadline. Jamé provided a cost competitive solution with an order turnaround of 12 business days.

Modular Building OEM Purchasing Manager

Jamé's engineering team helped our product team reduce the cost and improve the strength of our parts.

Retail Racking OEM Engineering Manager

We were closing a manufacturing facility and needed an outsourced parts supplier quick. Jamé produced a part in just five weeks and at a lower cost than we produced in-house.

Agricultural Products Purchasing Manager

Let's Build something great together

Jamé is dedicated to building strong customer relationships through engineering support, 100% on-time delivery and product quality, with an emphasis on continuous improvement and the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Whether you are developing new or updating existing parts, we look forward to hearing from you.